Certificate of Merit in an Introduction to Complementary Therapies



Product Description

During this distance learning course you will gain knowledge of the use of complementary therapies in modern  health care today. Consisting of four lessons, with questions at the end of each, you will be able build up your knowledge in this interesting subject, looking at the “big five” therapies, homeopathy, herbalism, acupuncture, osteopathy/chiropractor and massage. Tutor feedback will allow you to gauge your success, with a final question paper to test your understanding at the end of the course.
Students obtaining 75% on this paper will receive the Wiltshire School in Beauty and Holistic Therapy Certificate of Merit “In An Introduction to Complementary Therapies”.

This course is aimed at those who practise beauty or holistic therapies and want to have an improved overall knowledge of the subject.
Duration: This course is dictated by you

Pre-requisites: No entry requirements

Cost: £90.00