Certificate in Stress Awareness

During this distance learning course you will gain the knowledge that you require to recognise the way in which stress has an effect on us, physically and psychologically.  This course aims to allow you to not only recognise the causes of stress, but everyday techniques that you can use to overcome them.   Tutor feedback will allow you to gauge your success, with a final question paper to test your understanding at the end of the course.

Students obtaining 75% on this paper will receive the Wiltshire School of Beauty and Holistic Therapy “Certificate in Stress Awareness”.

 Duration: This course is dictated by you

Pre-requisites:  None

Cost: £120.00   


Student progression: Once you have completed this course, you may wish to train in other therapies and be able to use your knowledge of the effects of stress within your work as a therapist.

Career path:  Any position


Included in the course:

  • 5 individual lessons
  • A question paper on each lesson
  • A final question paper
  • Tutor feedback and online support
  • Fully qualified tutors
  • The Wiltshire School of Beauty and Holistic Therapy “Certificate in Stress Awareness”


Additional costs:  None

Course contents:

Lesson 1: Recognising Symptoms of Stress

Lesson 2: Reviewing Stressors

Lesson 3: Stress Response and Coping Strategies

Lesson 4: Everyday coping Techniques

Lesson 5: Success and  Self Esteem