Anatomy and Physiology

Certificate of Merit in Anatomy and Physiology

During this distance learning course you will gain the knowledge that you require in anatomy and physiology, which may be necessary for you to study an additional course. Consisting of eight lessons, with questions at the end of each, you will be able build up your knowledge in this interesting subject. Detailed feedback will allow you to gauge your success, with a final question paper to test your understanding at the end of the course.
Students obtaining 75% on this paper will receive the Wiltshire School in Beauty and Holistic Therapy “Certificate of Merit” in Anatomy and Physiology”.

This course is aimed at those who wish to practise beauty or holistic therapies, or those who have a general interest in the subject.
Studying anatomy and physiology is a fascinating subject. Over next 8 lessons, you will investigate the structure of the human body (anatomy) and its function (physiology).

The human body is a complex organism, which can take a life time to learn. Your knowledge and passion of the subject will grow and expand as you build upon the information in this course

Duration: This course is dictated by you

Pre-requisites: No entry requirements

Cost:  £80.

Student progression: Once you have completed this course, you may wish to train in a variety of therapies such as body massage, reflexology, pre-blend aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, and thermal auricular therapy.

Included in the course:

8 individual lessons
A question paper on each lesson
A final question paper
Tutor feedback and online support
Fully qualified tutors
The Wiltshire School of Beauty and Holistic Therapy “Certificate of Merit”

Additional costs: No essentials but you may wish to purchase text books to enhance your learning

Course contents:

  • Lesson 1: Circulatory System
  • Lesson 2: Respiratory System
  • Lesson 3: Musculoskeletal System
  • Lesson 4 : Integumentary System
  • Lesson 5: Digestive System
  • Lesson 6: Urinary and Reproductive System
  • Lesson 7: Endocrine and Lymphatic System
  • Lesson 8: Nervous System