VTCT Frequently Asked Questions

VTCT Frequently Asked Questions         

What is my lifetime registration number?
You can find your lifetime registration number on any certificate that you have been awarded and on your registration card. If you do not have either of these then you can contact customer service who will be happy to supply you with your registration number.

What is my Unique Learner Number (ULN)?
You should also have a Unique Leaner Number (ULN) if you are studying in England, Wales or Northern Ireland or a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) in Scotland. These numbers are not issued by VTCT and your centre will advise you.

What is a Personal Learning Record (PLR)?
The Personal Learning Record (PLR) allows individual learners access to their past and current achievement records. Individuals can share records with a school, college, further education training provider, university or employer. This is specifically useful when you are making an application to further education, training or employment. Organisations can use the PLR to verify your qualifications more quickly and easily than by reviewing and checking certificates.
Not all older achievements are always included and if you are concerned about any missing achievement, contact the centre where you studied in the first instance.
Further information on the PLR can be obtained by clicking here

What is a portfolio?
A portfolio is a record of supporting information to confirm that you have the skills necessary to complete your qualification. Not all VTCT qualifications require you to build a portfolio and your centre will advise you. It can either be built in the form of hardcopy evidence or as an e-portfolio. VTCT has a bespoke e-portfolio (Linx2Record) to support our qualifications. Further details can be found by clicking here.
At the end of your course, your portfolio will become your property to show to potential employers.

How do I go about getting a replacement certificate?
There are two ways to apply for a replacement certificate. You can complete a VT16 Replacement certificate request form available from the Learners’ section of this site and make the payment by cheque or postal order. Alternatively you can call Customer Service on +44 (0) 2380 684500 and pay over the phone using a credit or debit card. All replacement certificates will be marked as ‘Duplicate’.

I have changed my name, can I have a replacement certificate in my new name?
The regulatory authorities do not allow replacement certificates to be issued in new names even when due to marriage or divorce. If your name changes while you are undertaking a VTCT qualification, you must write to us stating your registration number, new name and request for the database to be amended. You must also include a copy of the appropriate legal documentation to support your request (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll). All certificates previously awarded will stay in your old name; any awarded in the future will display your new name.

Where can I study a particular course?
VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications, but cannot advise which centres are running particular courses at any time. To find out which centres are approved to offer a particular qualification, information click on the Qualifications tile from the learner page and enter the details of the qualification you wish to study in the qualification finder, then click search. Next click on the title of the relevant qualification, you will then need to scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a list of centres accredited by VTCT to offer your chosen course (If necessary this can be narrowed down by selecting a specific county at the top right of the list). You can click on the centre name for contact information and contact them directly to find out which courses they are currently running and to obtain further details such as cost and duration.

How much will it cost to do a particular course?
VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications. To find information on course costs you would need to contact an accredited centre directly.

What if I have a specific need that may affect my ability to successfully complete my course?
If you have a learning difficulty, physical disability, health or other support need that may affect your learning, assessments or tests, your centre can make arrangements to support you and inform VTCT as necessary. It is important that you discuss any requirements you wish to declare with your centre on induction or at the start of your learning experience.

I have been told I may have to practise on real clients – is it safe for me to do so?
If you are practising on real clients in the workplace then adequate treatment liability insurance is essential. It is vital as a learner and also when you go on to practise that you have appropriate treatment liability insurance to cover you if you are working on clients. Your centre will usually have insurance to cover you in the workplace whilst you are training.

I have been told I may have to attend my centre on a day I don’t usually need to, because of an EQA visit – do I have to attend?
Learners are required to attend on specific occasions when required by VTCT External Quality Assurer (EQA). Learners are randomly selected for sampling by the EQA and these learners must attend the visit. Failure to attend the visit may result in certification being delayed and you may be required to attend the next EQA visit.

I have moved, can I give you my new address?
VTCT only retains learner addresses when centres add them to registration files. The recording of postcodes at the time of registration helps us to check Unique Learner Numbers (ULNs) and names. It also helps us to be able to load your results to your national Personal Learning Record (PLR).You will only need to notify your current college or training centre if you change your address during your period of study to ensure your certificates are posted out correctly.

I have moved, can I attend a different centre to complete my course? 
Yes you can, as long as you move to another VTCT approved centre that offers the course you are doing. You may need to negotiate any training fees with your new centre, but you should not need to re-register your qualification with VTCT.

How long is the course that I want to study?
VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications. To find information on duration of courses you would need to contact an accredited centre directly.

I already have some qualifications or learning that duplicates what is in my new qualification. Can I get any recognition for what I have already done?
Recognition of Prior Leaning (RPL) is a method of assessment that considers whether you can demonstrate that you can meet the assessment requirements for a unit in a qualification through knowledge, understanding or skills that you already possess and do not need to develop through a course of learning.

You may possess skills and knowledge that have not been acquired through formal learning, (e.g., through work experience and/or other related learning that has not been formally certificated). This means that you may be able to proceed directly to assessment without further study, using evidence from un-certificated learning. Your centre will advise you if you think this may apply to you.  

Is my qualification recognised outside of the UK?
VTCT offers a comprehensive suite of qualifications on the English Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). They are recognised internationally through the Lisbon Treaty and are aligned to the EQF. The table below summarises the equivalencies between the various UK qualification levels and the EQF.